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Blissberry Rhythm of the Night 9*M

Rhythm 2yo.jpg
Rhythym 2yo udder.jpg

(Pictured as a 2-Year-Old/2nd Freshener)

Sire: GCH +*B Blissberry Mic Drop
     SS: SGCH++*B Blissberry Show Me the Money EX90
     SD: SGCH Blissberry GoodyGoody Gumdrops 4*M EX92

Dam: Blissberry Living on a Prayer 8*M
     DS: +B* Blissberry Sonic Boom
     DD: SGCH Blissberry RH Vallelujah 7*M EX93


ADGA Genetics Link

DOB: March 10, 2020

G6S Clean


2022 - 1x Reserve Champion NDGA Show

2022 - 1x Best Udder - EISF

2023 - 1x Grand Champion - UDGA Show 

2023 - 1x Best of Breed 

Rhythm is a lovely young doe who needs another year to pull all the pieces together, but is lovely just the same! She kidded as a yearling FF in 2021, and although she has a smaller stature than many of her yearling competitors, she still managed to be 1st and 2nd in nearly every show she was in! Her dam was shaping up to be a incredible doe with a impressive mammary, when she unfortunately passed away this year. We are sure to cherish her one and only daughter and are so grateful she is ours!

Rhythm has a snugly attached mammary system that is nearly flawless in every aspect. She is very high and wide in the rear, with lovely blending in the fore, nicely placed teats that are easily hand milked, as well as a strong medial to tie it all together. She has an astounding will to milk and the sweetest personality! Her 2022 daughter, MDNT BMR Run into Trouble earned her dry leg as a dry yearling at the Nevada Dairy Goat Club show and we look forward to seeing her daughter fresh in the fall of 2023.

MDNT BMR Run into Trouble

MDNT RN Dancing in the Dark 

MDNT RN Into the Night

Linear Appraisal:

1-05 GP84 +++V

Rhythm twin falls.jpg

Pictured as a First Freshening Yearling

rhythm sr kid.jpg

Pictured as an intermediate kid.

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