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Hello and thank you for visiting! We are a small herd out in beautiful Northern Utah. We love chatting with and getting to know other breeders and goat lovers and forming new friendships. Please feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the herd and get updates on our shows and breedings! 

Kaylee + Kaitlyn Utah State Fair, 2023



Baby Andy at 6 months old, only 21 pounds due to being so sick 

We started Midnight Milkers in 2017 with our single Nubian doe, Counter culture Andromeda (Andy). She was a little American doe who was sold sick with severe coccidiosis and nearly didn't make it. Fast forward to today and you would never know the battle she had as a kid! She has taken charge as herd queen, and has truly earned her place in our herd. We lost her spring of 2023 during kidding. This single doe is who made us fall in love with the Nubian breed and we will miss her so much!


We have always been an animal loving family, and have had goats since 2013. It wasn't until 2018 that we started more into the world of showing and dairy goats. It all started with 5 little red and white chickens, a couple Nigerians and a whole lot of love. This eventually morphed into a small hatchery run by Kaitlyn and Kaylee and we worked hard on hatching and raising quality birds. It took a while to get both of us on board the chicken train, but it was so much fun once we were both on the same page! We became a certified hatchery and sold eggs and chickens for about 4 years until we turned our focus more to the goats. We even entered a couple photos of some of our eggs into the state fair and won 1st and 3rd place! Photography has always been a shared hobby in the family, and we put those photography skills to good use on the farm. Our egg photos and other farm photos are available for purchase if interested, as well as soaps, stickers, and other bath and body lotions using our delicious goats milk. 

Being an animal loving family we share our home with many beloved pets as well. We absolutely love long coat dalmatians and brought our first puppy, Maya, home in 2019. She welcomed her first litter of puppies in 2021 and we were thrilled to add two of her puppies to the family! Echo and Juniper spend their days running and playing with their mamma, playing with goat babies and enjoying fresh milk. We hope to have another litter of puppies in the coming years! We also have two well loved cats, Lucy and Troll Beast.

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Juniper (left) & Echo (right)

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We made the big decision in 2021 to make the trip out to Louisville, KY to see how some of our does would compete against the much larger and more mature herds out there. We took only 4 dry does, not wanting to overwhelm ourselves on our first trip. It unfortunately wasn't the smoothest trip we have ever had.... our new truck broke down just 2 hours away from the convention center where it was proclaimed a total loss due to the engine giving out. Luckily we have an awesome team behind us and with support from our parents we were able to rent a U-haul and make it to the show just in time! We received a tremendous outpouring of love and support from the dairy goat community and we are so grateful to all who went out of their way to support us. Once all our does were checked in and comfortably relaxing in their pens we were able to take a breath and calm ourselves down... It was nothing but fun from there! Out of the 4 does we took, 3 placed and we were beyond thrilled with our success. Hoping to just have one doe in the top 20, we were shocked when our first homegrown doe was walked into the 16th place JR yearling spot. Her paternal sister, Azazel Misty Morning took just a few spots in front of her in the 10th place JR yearling class! The highlight of the day was when our lovely Blissberry AC Wishful Thinking was paraded around the ring and eventually into the 5th place spot in the SR yearling class, with more than 70 entries! We rounded out the day joining our wonderful friends at Blissberry in their lineup for JR Get of Sire which took 2nd place. We had such an incredible experience and cannot thank all those who helped us get there enough!

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MDNT GC I See Fire and Azazel Misty Morning
Big thanks to Veronica of Engylskye for helping us show Misty!

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Levi, Kaitlyn and Dan showing for Blissberry's JR Get of Sire

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Blissberry AC Wishful Thinking, Shown by
Levi Campbell. She loved him!

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us and reading about our farm! Please fell free to reach out with any questions, inquires, or even to just chat goats! 

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