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Herd health and management

The Midnight Milkers herd has once again tested clean for CAE, CL and Johnes for 2023/2024! All buyers will receive a copy of test results.  

Here at Midnight Milkers we provide the highest level of feed and care we can. We have very few problems with parasites and have an easy time keeping our ladies in tip top shape! Vaccinations, health testing and health checks are done on a strict schedule to make sure our herd is the healthiest it can be.  

First and foremost we provide 24/7 access to fresh, clean water and 3rd cut dairy quality alfalfa. The does are always happily munching away on their sweet leafy hay and waste very little! 


We also provide high quality dairy goat mineral and Thorvin Kelp. They love licking up their minerals and will empty a whole bucket of kelp in a day! We love the results and the girls grow sleek and shiny from it.

 Since we are a show herd, we vaccinate for two different types of pneumonia in addition to CDT. We also provide copper bolus to the herd. Worming is done as needed, we have our own microscope set up and do fecal testing to be sure of what we are treating. 


When considering the health of our herd, no expense is spared. We are firm believers in the power of proper vaccination and use antibiotics and hormones under supervision from our vet. We are still learning and always trying to improve our practices! Let us know if you have any questions and we would be happy to share more in depth.

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