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Semen Sales

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We offer semen for sale from most of our herdsires, both past and present depending on availability and demand. FREE delivery on all prepaid orders is available to the ADGA National Show, ADGA Convention, or any event that we personally attend. Bucks are collected in the fall of each year, and if a buck's availability is "SOLD OUT" we will recollect at that time and update the site when the buck is available again. All Midnight Milker owned bucks will be made avaialble again each fall, unless sold or deceased. All bucks currently offered are G6S clear.

Any semen sold must be paid for in full before the semen is considered reserved.  All semen must be picked up or shipped at the buyers expense by December 31st of the year purchased or the ownership reverts back to Midnight Milkers.  The prices listed on the Semen Sales page are the most current and accurate. 


Please note:  There is a $50 charge for any checks returned for non payment. 

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