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Sable JR Does:

Kickapoo Valley ML RomaBerry


Sire: *B Klisse's TF MoltenLavaCake
     SS: *B CH Talache's Fortune EX90
     SD: GCH Klisse's KPOH Toblerone 10*M EX91 (2015 ADGA Nat'l Show 2nd place 2yo)

Dam: Kickapoo Valley KD Pompeiberry VG88 (2022 ADGA Reserve JR Nat'l Champion) 
     DS: *B Klisse's NSNN Davis
     DD: GCH Kickapoo Valley KVKM Lavaberry VG89 (2021/2022 ADGA Nat'l Show Reserve Best Udder)

ADGA Genetics Link
DOB: March 11, 2023
G6S Normal

2023 - 2x JR Grand Champion - ISDGA Show
2023- 1x JR Grand Champion - UDGA show
2023 - 12th place Intermediate kid, ADGA Nat'l Show 
2023 - 2x JR Grand Champion - Uintah County Fair


Sherry's Condor Carbon Copy


Sire: Sherry's Leevi Condor
     SS: *B Sherry's Holt Leevi
     SD: Sherry's SUV Ibis

Dam: Sherry's Carbon Jewel
     DS: *B Sherry's Dark Carbon
     DD: Sherry's Rajin Locket

ADGA Genetics Link
DOB: February 19, 2024
G6S Normal


Cherry Butte NHG Armani


Sire: CH (pend.) Nut-N-Honey Givenchy
     SS: *B Nut-N-Honey TCT Tonka
     SD: CH (pend.) Nut-N-Honey TCJ Prada VG87 

Dam: Cherry Butte NHG Fashionista (2023 ADGA Nat'l Show Reserve JR Champion)
     DS: CH (pend.) Nut-N-Honey Givenchy
     DD: GCH Odeon Faith 1*M 

ADGA Genetics Link
DOB: April 9, 2024
G6S Normal


2024 - 2x JR Grand Champion - ISDGA 

2024 - 1x JR Reserve Champion - ISDGA Sable Specialty

2024 - 2x JR Grand Champion - UDGA

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