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Terms of Sale

Thank you for choosing Midnight Milkers!


Due to some unfortunate experiences, we no longer offer pickup at our home. Our herd and family's safety and health are our #1 priority. We will happily meet up and chat at shows we attend, and will meet at a safe location to facilitate the pickup of your animals. Our website is updated often and we are happy to provide additional pictures/videos of parent stock (within reason).

If you are interested in reserving a Midnight Milkers kid, we require a $100 deposit per kid to hold that reservation ($200 for international orders). Reservations are honored in the order they are received, and we accept 1 doe reservation and 2 buckling reservations. All reservations are required to choose a backup breeding.

A reservation is not made until we receive your deposit.

We do not send pictures often. We do our best to keep you informed and updated, but we work full time in addition to maintaining the herd, and with over 60+ kids yearly, we do not have the time to send multiple photos. Please do not request kid pictures, set up pictures or daily updates. We will send photos as time allows. We update our website at least monthly, the photos here are the most recent we have available of parent stock. Kid photos show very little of conformation as they change rapidly.   

If the kid you reserved is not available, we will gladly offer you a kid from a different breeding. NO REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED FOR CANCELLED ORDERS. If you cancel a reservation due to transport, color, timing, change of heart or any other reason you will not receive a refund. The only time a refund will be offered is when the animal of your choice or your backup choice was not born or the unlikely event the kid passes away before delivery to you. In the event of a refund, we respectfully request 7 business days from notification to provide it.


Midnight Milkers reserves the right to retain ANY KID born, regardless of deposit in order to maintain our herd numbers. In the case this happens, a backup animal will be offered (if available) or your deposit will be refunded. The prices quoted are for pre-ordered kids picked up or shipped before 4 weeks of age. Any kid not picked up or shipped within that time frame will be subject to a boarding $10 fee per day unless prior arrangements have been made.

Mature animals (1 month and up) sold are to be PAID IN FULL at time of purchase. We do not take payments or offer financing of any kind. We will hold mature animals for 14 days after sale for free to allow for transportation arrangement, thereafter a $25 a day boarding cost will apply. We will do everything reasonably within our power to make the process go smoothly, but will not arrange transportation on behalf of the buyer. Mature animals will need a CVI to travel, paid for at the expense of the buyer (Usually around $115). 

Communication is important to us. If we do not receive a response within 5 days trying to answer questions, ask questions, or arrange transport or pickup, any money paid towards your reservation/purchase will be forfeit and we will move on to the next buyer. Due to one of us working graveyard shift and the other day shift, we are available 24/7 to assist and will reply in a timely manner. 


All shipping or transport costs, as well as any necessary testing are to be covered by the buyer. Shipping costs include a crate, airfare, and health certificates. No animal will be shipped until all fees (estimated airfare, medical testing, boarding, crate, and health certificate) have been paid in full. Transport cost is highly dependent on distance, we will work with you to arrange it and make it as smooth as possible. Average transport in addition to the price of your kid is $500-$600. Our ground transporter of choice is RedRiver livestock transport.

Once notified of the birth of your kid, you will be expected to pay in full the worth of the kid within TEN days of that time. If payment has not been paid in full within that ten day time frame, and other arrangements have not been made, the kid will be offered to other potential buyers and the deposit, along with any other monies paid will be forfeit. We do reserve the right to retain any animal on the sales list for herd replacement, or withdraw from sale any animal at any time

Our kids are bottle raised on a CAE/CL/coccidia preventative regimen. Our herd is tested annually for CAE, CL, and Johnne's (as well as random herd checks) and we do our best to maintain biosecurity, however we are a performance herd and attend shows all over the west coast. In the event that a biological/infectious event were to occur, you must recognize that is a risk of purchasing from a non closed herd and plan accordingly. We will communicate to any affected owners if anything were ever to happen, however we hold no financial responsibility for affected animals without prior biosecurity testing on that exact animal within 30 days of leaving our property. We have never had any concerning test results and do not anticipate this being a problem.

Our most recent biosecurity testing was done December 2023. 

If you have concerns about the health of your kids please reach out. Before leaving your kids get a dose of Bovi-sera (respiratory issues), Toltrazuril (coccidia), and their first CDT vaccinations. If you have concerns about scours, cough, runny nose or attitude WE MUST HEAR FROM YOU WITHIN 24 HOURS OF RECEIVING YOUR KID. We are deeply invested in making sure your new Midnight Milkers kid arrives happy and healthy, but we cannot help with issues we do not know about. We guarantee that your kid leaves our farm in good health, but once off our property we cannot guarantee the care they receive.

Please allow up to 4 months for the registration of your kid. With the current state of ADGA we register kids in groups with all kids born in that group. This helps with tracking and troubleshooting in the chance ADGA misplaces or incorrectly registers a kid. We cannot guarantee when your registration papers arrive to you and ask that you be understanding of the situation. We will do our best to get kids registered in time for shows but will not risk a mess up through ADGA to get registrations done quickly. Thank you for understanding!

Regretfully, at this time we are not offering DNA typing for bucklings. We are happy to assist in the process and are happy to send samples at buyer's expense. 

All does and bucks are sold with the expectation that in the event a Midnight Milkers bred animal must be resold, he/she will first be offered back to us.

All bucks (mature or kids) are sold with the expectation that we will be able to purchase 20 straws of semen back at the cost of collection. We do ask that you refrain from marketing your buckling's semen until you have been able to evaluate his daughters in milk. 

We offer semen for sale from most of our herdsires, both past and present depending on availability and demand. FREE delivery on all prepaid orders is available to the ADGA National Show, ADGA Convention, or any event that we personally attend.

Any semen sold must be paid for in full before the semen is considered reserved.  All semen must be picked up or shipped at the buyers expense by December 31st of the year purchased or the ownership reverts back to Midnight Milkers.  The prices listed on the Semen Sales page are the most current and accurate. 


Please note:  There is a $50 charge for any checks returned for non payment.  

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