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Bringing home your Midnight Milker

Bringing Home your Midnight Milkers Kid:
We regrettably no longer offer on farm pickup, our herd and family safety comes first, however we always invite you to reach out with any questions about lineage and supporting animals! We are happy to provide shipping from the Salt Lake International Airport or work with a number of ground transporters. We prefer to ship with Delta Airlines Cargo or America Airlines Cargo as we have had great experiences and service with both. When shipping 2 kids we do our best to utilize one kennel for both (weight allowing). Kids are shipped out on the earliest flight available so that babies arrive to their destination in the afternoon of the same day.

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Our kid raising protocol:

Each kid born on our property will receive a minimum of 3 feedings of colostrum. We do a measured mix of maternal and replacer colostrum as we feel this makes a difference in range of protection. Once colostrum feeding is finished, kids move into a bigger indoor pen and are trained to a lambar bucket with gray caprine nipples. They are raised on straw bedding inside our barn for the first month. They are free fed fresh cooled goats milk twice a day and provided with 2nd or 3rd cut alfalfa and 21% grower grain with Decoquinate for coccidia prevention. We want them eating hay and grain as early as possible and they start nibbling small portions right away! At about a week old, they will be disbudded and tattooed. Once they reach 3 weeks of age, they will get their first dose of CDT vaccine. This vaccine will need to be repeated 2-3 weeks after receiving your kid. 

Preparing your kid for Shipping:
We like to transport/ship our kids at 4 weeks, we feel this is old enough to safety handle the trip as well as young enough to quickly adjust to their new home. The buyer is responsible for all shipping/transport costs PRIOR to time of shipping. A flight will not be booked until paid for. Shipping cost includes; Airfare, shipping crate and required crate supplies ($95-$125 depending on size), CVI (required for out of state shipments/buyers, usually $115), along with any required testing fees for out-of-state or specially requested testing as well as transportation fees to the airport. Airline fees typically differ depending on airline, receiving state as well as size/weight of kid and crate together. Prices do vary but typically range from $400 - $550. Small airports or obscure locations will drastically raise the price of shipping (nearly $700 for some) and we suggest if possible to make a day trip to your closest large/international airport to avoid heavy shipping fees. Please keep in mind that all ground and air shipments out of the state require a CVI (Certificate of Vet Inspection). These are typically $115, with an additional $15 for each animal added. We WILL NOT send kids or mature animals out of state without a CVI.

What to Expect:
Shipping can be incredibly stressful for your young kid and we take every precaution to ease their transition to their new homes so you receive a healthy, happy baby. We give each kid a dose of Bovi-Sera and probiotics just before they are dropped off at the airport. This aids in stress prevention and avoiding upset bellies while on the flight. Your shipping crate will be lined with puppy pads covered with absorbent carpet, old towels or bath mats due to the Airlines requiring non organic bedding for the flight. Inside the kennel you will also find a small portion of alfalfa for the kid(s) to nibble on during their flight.

When ground transporting kids, we will provide a portion of hay for them to nibble on, and milk for their journey. Depending on the transporter, some will individually bottle feed kids while others will require a lambar bucket. We can accommodate both types of transportation.

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We suggest you are there half an hour prior to your kids arrival in case of early arrival. We recommend bringing a bottle of milk along with you to offer your kid as they will likely be hungry after their long journey. Our kids are raised on gray caprine nipples, please reach out if you are unsure where to buy them. THEY WILL NOT READILY ACCEPT ANY OTHER STYLE.



Your kid may be slightly reserved or subdued the first few days at their new home, this is common and nothing to worry about. It will take them a few days to adjust to their new homes. We also recommend introducing them to the other kids in your herd shortly after arriving so that they can settle in and make friends.

Please remember to shoot us a quick text, call or email to let us know your Midnight Milkers kid has arrived safely! We always look forward to pictures and updates of your new babies once they have settled in to their new homes!

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