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GCH (Pend.) Blissberry AC Wishful Thinking 6*M

Wish 3yo 2F.jpg
Wish 2 F.jpg

(Pictured as a 3-Year-Old/ 2nd Freshener)

Sire: +*B Wingwood Farm CM Atticus

           SS: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres LM Candyman EX90
          SD: SGCH Wingwood Farm Lovin Abraxis 2*M EX91

Dam: Blissberry You Wish 5*M EX90

            DS: +*B Blissberry Sonic Boom
          DD: SGCH Blissberry GoodyGoody Gumdrops 4*M EX92

ADGA Genetics Link

DOB: March 22, 2020

G6S Normal

Show Record:

2021 - ADGA National Show 5th place SR Yearling
2021 - ADGA National Show member 2nd place Get of Sire
2021 - 2x Reserve Grand Champion
2021 - 3x JR Grand Champion
2021 - 1x Best JR Doe in Show

2023 - 2x Grand Champion 

2023 - 2x Best of Breed 

2023 - Member 1st Place Dairy Herd - Uintah County Fair 

2023 - Member 1st Place Dairy Herd - Utah State Fair 

2023 - Member 1st Place Produce of Dam - Utah State Fair 

2023 - Grand Champion - Utah State Fair 

2023 - Best of Breed - Utah State Fair 

2023 - Best Udder of Breed - Utah State Fair

Wish is a beautiful young doe whom we brought home from Blissberry in 2020 as a baby. We didn't show her much as a kid as she was much smaller than many of her herd mates. She shot up like a weed over the winter and hit the show ring hard as a dry yearling in 2021! She has been extremely competitive as a dry doe, going 3X Grand Champion, 2X Reserve Champion, and 2X best in show! She made the long trip to Louisville, KY and blew us away by going 5th place in the Senior yearling lineup out of 70 does! She then went on to join the Blissberry group in their Get of Sire for +*B Wingwood Farm CM Atticus which took 2nd place Get behind the 1st place containing the JR National Champion. To say we are thrilled with this doe would be an understatement... We love her!

Wish's FF udder is everything we had hoped for and more, sporting incredible attachment, correct teat placement and a strong, well defined medial suspensory ligament. While she needs another year to gain some capacity, we are very excited by what we see! Wish has been a competitive 2 year old. She has easily placed top 3 of multiple classes over does with more capacity and even went 1st place in one.

Wish has blown us away with her 2nd freshening. She matured so much over the past winter and has really come into herself! Her second freshening mammary is to die for - while it may not be the most capacious (yet) there is no denying how incredibly correct it is. She carries tremendous width and height into the escutcheon with near perfectly placed/shaped teats and a nicely defined medial with her fore udder blending smoothly into her barrel. We were excited to get her in the show ring this year and we were beyond pleased that early in the show season she went 2x Grand Champion and 2x Best of Breed, picking up her last two legs in style and finishing her championship! We are so pleased with this doe and have big plans for her in the future! 


MDNT SH Music of the Night


Linear Appraisal:

2-06 VG87 VEE+ (FF)
3-05 VG89 VVVE 

Wish nationals.jpg
Wish FF 2yo.jpg

2 Year Old 1st Freshener

 2021 5th place SR yearling

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