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MDNT RN Rattle the Stars


(Pictured as a Dry Yearling)

Sire: +*B Blissberry AC Reno 

           SS: +*B Wingwood Farm CM Atticus
          SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Viva Las Vegas 4*M EX92 *ELITE*

Dam: Counter Culture Andromeda 1*M EX90 

            DS: Counter Culture Whilliam
          DD: Mega-milkers Kilikiana 

ADGA Genetics Link

DOB: January 27, 2022

G6S Normal

Show Record:

2022 - 1x Junior Grand Champion - NDGA Show
2022 - Member 1st Place JR Get of Sire - Blackfoot County Fair
2023 - Member 1st Place JR Get of Sire - Uintah County Fair 
2023- Member 1st Place JR Get of Sire - Utah State Fair 
2023 - 1x Reserve Champion - Utah State Fair

Morph is a very dear doe to me, she is the last daughter we got before losing her dam. Anyone who knows me knows how special Andy was to me and I feel very fortunate to have retained a daughter who resembles her dam in so many ways but also shows so many wonderful improvements from her sire. Just like her dam she is long bodied and level across the top with a wide, flat rump. We appreciate the width, depth of body and spring of rib that Reno added. In terms of mammary systems, Morph excels her dam in width and height in the escutcheon, with near perfectly placed teats and a lovely medial tying it all together. We love everything we see in this young doe and know she will only get better with time!

As a kid it became pretty clear that Morph would be a special doe, being quite competitive at large shows and quickly earning her dry leg as a kid. She has been a member of our 1st JR Get of Sire at 3 separate fairs, one with 11+ JR Gets! We are very excited to see her in a Senior get this coming year. Morph kidded in the fall of 2024 and gave us a gorgeous set of buck/doe twins out of *B Blissberry Show Me the Heat! We were pleased to retain the doe for ourselves and look forward to watching her grow.

We will add a rear udder shot when the weather warms up a bit and we can trim her up
! We are very pleased with her mammary system and cannot wait to get this pretty girl in a show ring.


MDNT SH Look to the stars

Linear Appraisal:

Morph SR kid.jpg

Pictured as a SR kid

Pictured as a Dry Yearling

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