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Counter Culture Andromeda 1*M

Andy 5yo.jpg
Andy 4F.jpg

(Pictured as a 5-Year-Old/4th Freshener)

Sire: Counter Culture Whilliam 
     SS: Mega-Milkers Liam FS 88 VVE 
     SD: Mega-Milkers HP Lu Lu 

Dam: Mega-Milkers Kilikiana 
     DS: Mega-Milkers Classic Good Look 
     DD: Mega-Milkers HP Unique Tears 



DOB: June 8, 2017 

G6S Normal

Show Record:

2019 1x 3rd place

2020 2x 1st place
2020 2x 3rd place
2020 2x Best Udder of Class

2022 1x Grand Champion NDGA Show

2022 1x Reserve Grand Champion NDGA Show

2022 1x Grand Champion NDGA Show


Andy comes from Mega milkers lines, with multiple animals in her lineage appraising at 90 and above. She has a very nice, high and wide rear udder attachment, with a good strong medial and exquisite teat size/placement. She has a strong top line, good strong legs under her, and well blended from her neck into her withers, and strong on her pasterns. Andy was the first doe we ever brought into the Midnight Milkers herd, and while we have certainly grown away from her genetics there is no doubt that she is a special doe. 


2021- After hearing we would not be getting an appraisal stop this year we made the decision to dry the does up a bit early and give them some time off before kidding. Surprise!! We ended up getting an appraisal stop anyways. Andy had already started to dry up. We wanted a base score on her, and she knocked it out of the park with a wonderful score of EVEV 89 as a DRY DOE!!! We are so excited to see what she has in store with her beautiful full udder next year.

2022- Andy freshened as a 5 year old 4th freshener beautifully!! Andy historically does not enjoy showing so we don't take her to many. After freshening this year though we knew we needed to get her out to a show or two! We are so glad we did as she impressed us at the Nevada Dairy Goat Club Show going 1x Reserve Champion and 2x Grand Champion, meaning she needs just 1 more leg to finish her championship!! Andy is a really gorgeous doe but one thing we love about her is her ability to reproduce herself. Her 2022 daughter MDNT RN Rattle the Stars won her dry leg at her very first show out and her 2022 son MDNT RN Search the Stars went 3x Grand Champion as a JR buckling at his new home. We love this dam line!

2023- Unfortunately in 2023 we lost Andy at freshening. She kidded out 3 huge, beautiful bucklings but passed away shortly after. She was the first true Midnight Milker, and we love and miss her dearly. As a tribute, we have redone our herd logo so we can have her with us always. 


MDNT RN Rattle the Stars

Linear Appraisal:

4-03 VG89 EVEV (DRY)

5-04 EX90 EEEE 

Andy 4 yo-3f cache valley.jpg

(Pictured as a 4-Year-Old/3rd Freshener)


(Pictured as a 3-Year-Old/3ndFreshener)

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