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O-So-Nice R Brielliance 3*M

Brielle 3 yo.JPG
Brielle 3 yo udder.JPG

Pictured as a 3 year old, 2nd Freshener

Sire: SG *B Kastdemur's Rhythm of the Night EX90
     SS: GCH + *B Kastdemur's Time In A Bottle EX90
     SD: SG Kastdemur's Moulin Rouge 3*M EX90

Dam: Engylskye Face The Skye Brielle 2*M 
     DS: *B Kastdemur's Walk This Way 
     DD: Hi-Fashion Fancy Face 1*M


ADGA Genetics Link

DOB: April 4, 2016

G6S Clean

Show Record:

Brielle is one of the first does we ever laid eyes on when we started this journey. Our good friend Veronica was showing her at the State Fair and this pretty doe got me talking to her about how this whole goat thing works.... After we took the plunge and purchased our first few does and herdsire, We ended up with an agreement to breed Brielle to our junior herdsire *B Blissberry TS Finding Atlantis and if a doe kid was born we would purchase her. She had a gorgeous little girl for us and we were so thankful to Veronica for letting us purchase her (Engylskye FA Briar Rose). Unfortunately, a few months later Rose became sick and we lost her.  When Veronica offered us Brielle, it just seemed right to bring in the dam of that pretty doe kid we lost years ago.

Brielle herself is a really lovely doe. She is a smaller doe in stature but proportionally deep and powerful while balancing lovely dairy strength and femininity. Her mammary is a beautiful globular shape that is held high and wide into the escutcheon with strong attachments and nicely shaped teats. While Brielle didn't get many chances to shine in the show ring we are grateful to have this sweet doe in the herd and the opportunity to incorporate her genetics. Kastdemur's genetics are heavy in our herd through our Blissberry base so we are excited to have more of those genetics brought in. 

As Brielle is getting older, we plan to retain a few does kids over the next 1-2 breeding's and then retire this sweet lady to live out her days. We are so excited to welcome you to the herd Brielle. <3 



Linear Appraisal:

2-02 VG85 VVVV

5-04 VG86 +EEV

Brielle FF.webp

Brielle - 2 year old First Freshener 

Brielle SR Kid.JPG

Brielle - SR kid 

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