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Engylskye Wish I Had You 6*M

Effie 2yo FF.jpg
Effie FF.jpg

(Pictured as a Yearling Milker)

Sire: *B Wingwood Farm CM Absolom

           SS: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres LM Candyman EX90
          SD: SGCH Wingwood Farm Lovin Abraxis 2*M EX91

Dam: Blissberry You Wish 5*M EX90

            DS: *B Blissberry Sonic Boom
          DD: SGCH Blissberry GoodyGoody Gumdrops 4*M EX92

ADGA Genetics Link

DOB: August 25, 2021

G6S Normal

Show Record:

2022 - 1x Junior Reserve Champion - NDGA Show
2022 - 1x Junior Grand Champion - NDGA Show

2023 - 9x 1st place milking yearling

2023 - Member 1st Place Dairy Herd - Uintah County Fair

2023 - Member 1st Place Dairy Herd - Utah State Fair 

2023 - Member 1sr Place Produce of Dam - Utah State Fair

Sweet little "Effie" is definitely a herd favorite here! We bought her dam You Wish pregnant and we were thrilled when she gave us twin does. Much like her sister Wishful Thinking, Effie excels in general appearance, rear udder height and attachment, and has the best temperament in the herd! We look forward to her second freshening and hope for more capacity to hopefully bring her teats in just a bit. She has been incredibly competitive in the show ring this year, going 9x times first place milking yearling. 


MDNT RN Funfetti

Linear Appraisal:

2-00 GP83 VVGG

Effie JR Yearling.jpg

Pictured as a JR Yearling

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