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*B Prairie Ridge Redeemer

Angel 1.jpg
Angel rear.webp

SGCH God's How Angel 1*M EX91
- Dam

Sire: CH *B J&M Hideaway CA Thunderheart
     SS: *B J&M Hideaway Captain America
     SD:  SGCH J&M Hideaway Farm Isabelle1*M EX92

Dam: SGCH God's How Angel 1*M EX91
     DS: SG *B Aja-Sammati Pita Maha EX90
     DD: God's How Ranch Snickers

ADGA Genetics Link

DOB:February 16, 2021


G6S Normal by parentage


We are so beyond thrilled to welcome Redeemer into our breeding program! We had the pleasure of seeing his dam, SGCH God's How Angel 1*M EX92 while showing against the Prairie Ridge herd in Colorado. We have always loved the style and femininity of her, so when Katy and Lakayla graciously offered us Redeemer we couldn't refuse!

Red's dam is SGCH God's How Angel 1*M EX92. She is all around well balanced and has always scored an "E" in general appearance.  She is a tall and upstanding doe being angular and flat boned. We especially love the depth and power she carries into her rear barrel and hope to see that trait passed on to Red's daughters! Her mammary is one we would love to have in our own herd being extremely high and wide up into the escutcheon with a fore udder that blends smoothly into her barrel. We love the globular shape to her mammary and well defined medial suspensory ligament that snugly holds her mammary together. Angel excels in the show ring and has been very competitive at National Shows. At the 2019 National show in Redmond, Oregon she climbed her way to 3rd place aged doe and finished out the day being named the 2019 ADGA National Premier Youth Nubian Senior doe! Her daughter and Maternal sister to Red, Prairie Ridge Alacheim Shalom was 4th place Senior Yearling at the 2022 Nat'l show and was then also named JR ADGA National Premier Youth Nubian, just like her pretty mama! Being that Shalom is out of Candyman, we are very excited to see the cross between Angel and Candyman working so well. We think Red will compliment our Reno daughters very well!

Red's sire is a really exciting young buck that we are so excited to have a son from! CH *B J&M Hideaway's Farm CA Thunderheart is a buck that excels in general appearance, length of body, levelness over the topline with lovely depth into the rear barrel. He finished his championship early in 2022 by going grand and Best in show! His dam is SGCH J&M Hideaway Farm Isabelle EX92 1*M who was the 1st place 2nd udder 5 & 6 year old at the 2018 National Show. His paternal granddam is SGCH J&M Hideaway Farm Patriot EX91 who is the 2017 ADGA Reserve National Champion and Reserve Best Udder! It doesn't end there for Thunderheart, being that his dam is Isabelle he is also Maternal brother to TWO JR National Champions. J&M Hideaway Farm Bella Estelle was the 2021 ADGA Nat'l show JR National Champion while her older sister J&M Hideaway AB Bella Imperia was the 2017 ADGA Nat'l JR National Champion!

We kept so many kids from Redeemer in 2023 that we had no where to use him anymore... Redeemer is no longer working in our herd but we are thrilled that he collected incredibly well for us to use in the future! 



MDNT RD What Happens in Vegas

MDNT RD Sojourner

MDNT RD Redshift 

MDNT RD Fire Hazard



CH Prairie Ridge LS Amazing Grace 2*M EX91
- Maternal Sister


SGCH J&M Hideaway Farm Isabelle 1*M EX92


SGCH J&M Hideaway Bella Imperia EX91-
Sires Maternal sister


Prairie Ridge Alacheim Shalom
- Maternal Sister

Isabelle rear.jpg

SGCH J&M Hideaway Farm Isabelle 1*M EX92

Estelle JR National Champion.jpg

 J&M Hideaway Bella Estelle -
Sires Maternal sister


GCH J&M Hideaway Farm AB Lucky Charm 2*M - Sires Maternal Sister

CH *B J&M Hideaway CA Thunderheart -

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