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*B MDNT MW Full Metal Alchemist


SG Lakeshore Promises are Forever 1*M VG89 
- Dam 

Sire: SGCH ++*B Kastdemur's Most Wanted EX91 (2016 ADGA Nat'l Show Premier Nubian Sire) *ELITE*
     SS: ++ *B Kastdemur's King of the Hill (2008 ADGA Nat'l Premier Sire) 
     SD:  SGCH Kastdemur's Mystere 2*M EX91

Dam: SG Lakeshore Promises are Forever 1*M VG89 *ELITE*
     DS: SGCH +*B J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy EX90
     DD:  Lakeshore P.S. Pinky Promise 

ADGA Genetics Link

DOB: March 16, 2023


G6S Normal by parentage

"Ed" as we call him was years in the works and we are so thrilled he is finally here!! We can hardly wait to meet his first kids in 2025.

His dam, Promise is easily one of largest does we have in the herd. She excels in dairy strength, general appearance and strength of feet and legs. Promise is still incredibly strong on her feet and pasterns even now at 11 years old! Promise suffered a injury while kidding at a young age and as such has not been able to be bred or shown. The two daughters she did produce are powerhouse does, excelling in all areas of the scorecard. SG Engylskye Belle Star 2*M VG86 *ELITE* who resides in our herd is an incredibly powerful doe and very reminiscent of her dam. She also suffered an injury at a young age and wasn't able to continue showing but was shaping up to be one of the best. As a dry yearling she swept the ring going 2x Grand Champion and 2x Best JR Doe in Show! Unfortunately that was the only show she got to see. Promises other daughter, SG Engylskye FV True Promises 2*M is one leg away from finishing her championship and appraised an impressive score of EX90 in 2021! We love Promises sire and have been lucky enough to use a grandson as our foundation for our first few years. *B Blissberry AC Reno has thrown us correct, productive daughters who we adore. We are super thrilled at the prospect of using Full Metal to linebreed back on the impressive Playboy! 

Full Metal's sire is none other than the extraordinary SGCH ++*B Kastdemur's Most Wanted EX91 *ELITE*. He exceled in dairy strength carrying a long, flat bone pattern throughout with sharpness in the withers combined with openness and spring of rib. His daughters are some of our personal favorites in the breed. They include: SGCH Blissberry Rock My World 3*M EX92 *ELITE* (3 time National Show class winner, 3 time Total Performer and the 2012 ADGA Reserve National Champion, Reserve Best Udder), SGCH Blissberry MW Valentina 6*M EX90, SGCH Kastdemur's Vivacity 6*M EX92 (3rd place 5-6 Year-Old at the 2016 ADGA National Show), SGCH Blissberry GoodyGoody Gumdrops 4*M EX92 (1st place/2nd Udder Four-Year-Old at the 2016 ADGA National Show and 2nd place/2nd Udder 5-6-Year-Old at the 2017 ADGA National Show), GCH Blissberry Jamaican Me Shine 6*M EX92 (2nd place/1st Udder Four-Year-Old at the 2016 ADGA National Show) and SGCH Blissberry Bing Bang Boom 5*M EX92 (1st place Three-Year-Old at the 2016 ADGA National Show). Progeny info courtesy of Blissberry Dairy Goats. 

While we can hardly wait to meet Ed's first kids in 2025 we are already loving what we see from these genetics. When we did IVF on Promise in 2022 we froze a number of embryo's in the hopes of getting sisters to retain in 2023. When that didn't happen, we implanted a few in 2023 hopeful we would meet them in 2024. We are so happy that dream came true! MDNT MW Pride, MDNT MW Envy, MDNT CM Avaricious and MDNT CM Intemperance have already begun to grow out into beautiful young does. Envy and Pride were quick to pick up their dry legs at their first shows out, both following those wins with Best in Show wins! Intemperance has only been to one show thus far, the 2024 ADGA National show where she was the 6th place Intermediate kid! 





Engylskye FV True Promises 2*M EX90 
- Maternal Sister


SG Engylskye Belle Star 2*M VG86  (FF) *ELITE* - Full Sister


SGCH Blissberry Jamaican Me Shine 6*M EX92
- Paternal Sister


SGCH Blissberry GoodyGoody Gumdrops 4*M EX92 -Paternal Sister 


SGCH Blissberry Rock My World 3*M EX92-
Paternal sister

 SGCH Kastdemur's Viva Las Vegas 4*M EX92 *ELITE* -
Dam's Paternal sister

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