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Redwood Hills Vision Tiffany


(Pictured as a Dry Yearling)

Sire: +*B Blissberry AC Vision

           SS: +*B Wingwood Farm CM Atticus
          SD: SGCH Blissberry RH Vallelujah 7*M EX93

Dam: SGCH Redwood Hills Atlas Topaz 9*M EX91

            DS: SG+*B Wingwood Farm TL Atlas
          DD: SGCH Redwood Hills MC Talasi 8*M EX91

ADGA Genetics Link

DOB: March 3, 2022

G6S Normal

Show Record:

When we went out to Redwood Hills in early April, we had only planned to bring Sachi home.... Unless Scott showed us someone equally as pretty! When we got there, he pulled Tiffany out and I knew immediately I wanted to bring her home. She is incredibly deep bodied for a two year old, being long bodied smoothly blended with an up-hill silhouette. Her mammary system reminds us a lot of the Reno udders, with both his sire and Tiffany's grand-sire being out of +*B Wingwood Farm CM Atticis. It is high and wide, sporting a strong medial attachment and smooth blend into her barrel. Her striking black coloring with tan trim is the cherry on top! 

We are very excited to have a new dam line in the herd and look forward to taking her to a few shows in 2024 and incorporating her genetics. We look forward to her future! 


Linear Appraisal:


Pictured as a Intermediate  kid

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