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Blissberry Bring the Heat


(Pictured as a Yearling FF - Not full)

Sire: SGCH ++*B Blissberry Show Me the Money EX90

           SS: SG++*B Kastdemur's Final Justice EX90
          SD: SGCH Kastdemur's FS Santa Cruz 10*M EX92

Dam: SGCH Blissberry No Doubt I'm Hot 5*M EX91

            DS: SGCH +*B Blissberry MW Rocketeer EX91
          DD: GCH Kastdemur's Baton Rouge 4*M EX91

ADGA Genetics Link

DOB: March 8, 2021

G6S Normal

Show Record:

Bri has so many qualities we like about her. She is super immature, typical of these lines and she looks like a big baby! After kidding late in the year she hasn't gotten to see any shows. We appreciate her length and levelness over her topline, her long lean neck and the strength of feet and legs, especially the straightness of her forelegs. Her mammary system is just what we were expecting from this line, having owned two of her maternal sisters and her littermate brother we know them quite well. Her udder is glued on and she has so much rear and fore attachment. Her teats are nicely placed and the perfect size, tie it all together with a strong medial attachment and you get a pretty fancy udder! She kidded with a single buck and even so is a workhorse in the milk pail, milking a respectable 8 lbs. at just a few weeks fresh! We cannot wait for another freshening on this pretty young doe and are just as excited to see some kids out of her littermate brother, *B Blissberry Show Me the Heat. Here's to hoping Bri gives us a fancy doe kid next year!





Linear Appraisal:


Pictured as a Intermediate kid

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